GeneLeap Biotech | Completely Novel Gene Therapies


We are employing lipid nanoparticles and in situ forming technology to deliver mRNA and oligonucleotides to meet unmet medical need.

Our Science

Leveraging recent breakthroughs in human genetics and the transformative success of nucleic acid (mRNA and oligo), our goal is to use a precision medicine approach to slow or stop the progression of diseases in the fields of infectious diseases and oncology, as well as other multiple rare and common indications.

RNA Therapy

The goal of RNA therapy is to treat or possibly prevent disease. Scientists have been investigating and evolving RNA therapy for more than 50 years. One goal of RNA therapy research is to determine whether a new or functional RNA can be used to prevent infectious diseases or tumor inhibition.

DNA stores instructions for proteins in the nucleus
mRNA is a temporary set of instructions for cells to make a protein; mRNA is made using DNA
Proteins form the basis of life by performing the functions required by every cell; proteins are made using mRNA

Our Foci

At GeneLeap Biotechnology, our focus is to create complete pharmacologic solutions that include safe and effective mRNA drug products reaching target tissues by way of our proprietary lipid nanoparticle delivery system. Modified messenger nucleic acid can be engineered to produce any conceivable protein, thereby creating opportunity to prospect for new solutions to a wide variety of medical problems. Using proprietary manufacturing and analytical processes with many collective years of genetic therapeutic innovation and lipid nanoparticle development, we strive to lead the field in creating products with reduced immunogenicity, increased translation efficiency, and superior patient outcomes. 

Our bioinformatic studio can virtually design and screen nucleotide sequences coding for peptides, proteins, adjuvants with desirable expression, function, on-target effect.We leverage the many years of Luye’s experience with developing and commercializing drug delivery systems, to deliver nucleic acid payloads to specific tissues.We are advancing an nucleic acid-based therapeutic vaccine against an infectious disease to the clinic. Additionally, we are actively developing a high translation (HT) IL12 nucleic acid and an oligonucleotide-based TLR9 agonist for immuno-oncology.